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With these Tips, it's not Difficult to Replace the Batteries of the in the Ear Aids!

Delicate, compact and invisible hearing aids are the first choice for many in the ear aids, especially young users.

Smallness is the advantage of an in the ear aid, but it also means that it's a bit difficult to operate, especially with the replacement of batteries.

Today, we will bring you some tips for replacing an in the ear aids. What we need are: hearing aids in the ear, replacement batteries and small brushes.

In addition to the charging style, all the in the ear aids use zinc-air batteries. Attention should be paid to the installation of zinc-air batteries because their positive and negative electrodes are obviously different.

The positive electrode of the battery has a layer of air isolation paper. When it is used, the isolation paper will be removed. It can be seen that there is a '+' number in the middle of the four ventilation pinholes on the flat surface, while the negative electrode'-' has a circle of grooves.
So what we need to do is:

01. Tear off the air isolation paper on the new battery and put it in the air for 2-3 minutes, because the characteristics of zinc-air battery determine that it needs air to enter the battery for chemical reaction.

02. Open the door of the battery compartment of the hearing aids. The old batteries in the battery compartment can be easily sucked out with the magnetic end of the small brush. A "+" number can also be seen on the side of the battery bunker. Then, the '+' number of the battery corresponds to the '+' number of the battery bin and is lightly loaded into the battery bin.

03. Close the battery bin, turn on the hearing aid switch and turn on the loud button to hear the whistle of the hearing aid, indicating that the battery is installed.

04. If the battery bunker can not be easily closed after the battery is installed, it may be that the battery is reversed, so don't press hard, vigorously will not make a miracle, it will only damage the battery bunker of the hearing aid.

Matters needing attention
1. Do not load exhausted batteries into hearing aids, because the batteries may leak and damage the hearing aids.

2. Do not touch the battery with your hands full of dust or greasy, so as not to block the air passage of the battery.

3. It is recommended to replace batteries in a clean and stable environment and sit on the sofa or table to avoid contamination of in the ear aids or damage caused by falling.

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