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Wireless Bluetooth Type Hearing Aids Make the Patients more easy to use

Traditional hearing aids are complicatedly connecting with external devices. The bluetooth type hearing aid produced by our company are equipped with built-in microphones and classical bluetooth modules. The keys can realize the hands-free call of the hearing aids. It is like using a wireless bluetooth headset to answer the phone through the hearing aids. It supports not only bluetooth directly connected to apple phones, but also android-connected phones, as well as some unusual smartphones.

In addition, patients of the hearing loss can use a mobile phone to wirelessly adjust the hearing aid through downloading the applications of mobile phones, setting the listening mode and checking the average daily wear time and so on, while makes the use of hearing aids more convenient. The bluetooth type hearing aid can also be paired with an audio transmitter to wirelessly transmit high-quality and high-definition audio directly to the hearing aid from a TV or stereo. People with hearing loss will be able to listen to the music with their friends and family without worrying about the effect on others.

China has the largest number of people with hearing loss in the world. According to the second national sample survey of the disabled in 2006, the number of people with hearing disabilities in China reached 27.8 million. At present, patients having the hearing loss in China are having higher and higher demands for the hearing aids. Making more and more patients with hearing loss benefit from advanced medical technology is a new challenge to the innovative ability of the hearing industry. It is a trend of the development of hearing technology to create accessible living environment and quality of life for hearing loss patients. Using smartphones and watching TV programs every day is the ordinary social and entertainment activities, will there will be many difficulties for hearing loss patients. In the long-distance noise environment, bluetooth type hearing aids with direct connection technology of the bluetooth can help patients of hearing loss effectively improve their speech comprehension and speech communication ability.

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