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Why can We Improve Listening Effect in Noisy Environments?

As mentioned above, the hearing aids on both sides, based on the technology of binaural voice transmission, can integrate and process the audible sound and communicate with each other. What help will this bring to the auditory effect?

Stereo Focusing

Stereo focusing is one of the functional advantages of the binaural voice transmission technology of the ear zoom hearing aid. As we all know, the unilateral Mermaid cochlear implant has the function of super denoising focusing, which can concentrate on listening to the voice of the speaker in front. So what is the difference between super denoising focusing and stereo focusing? Can you imagine that the spotlights on both sides of a stage are brighter in the middle when the spotlights on both sides are turned on at the same time than when the spotlights on only one side are turned on? This is just like when listening to sound, when the focusing functions of the devices on both sides are integrated, the focusing angle becomes narrower. If the focusing angle is narrower in extremely noisy environment, the narrower the focusing angle means that more noise is shielded and communication is more smooth, relaxed and free.

Speech Orientation Focus

The stereo sound focusing can be achieved by the ear zoom hearing aid, which concentrates on the front speaker's voice. If you want to concentrate on the rear and side voices, you can turn on the speech orientation focusing function. This function is especially suitable for drivers. If the noise outside the window is large, it affects the voice of the co-driver. You can choose to turn on the speech orientation focus, and through the cooperation of devices on both sides, the noise outside the window is attenuated and listening is easier.

Binaural Telephone

When one side is used to answer the telephone, the telephone voice can be automatically transmitted to both ears at the same time, so that both sides can receive the telephone simultaneously, and the stereo effect can be achieved. The reception of external voice on the other side can be reduced, and the clarity of answering the telephone in noisy environment can be greatly improved.

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