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What Functions does Bluetooth Type Hearing Aid

First of all, let us learn about what the bluetooth is. Bluetooth is a wireless technology that supports communication in a short range (generally within 10 meters)between devices. Capable of wireless information exchange between numerous devices including mobile phones, PDA, wireless headphones, laptops, and related peripherals. Using "bluetooth" technology can effectively simplify the communication between mobile communication terminal devices, but also can successfully simplify the communication between devices and the Internet, so that data transmission becomes more rapid and efficient, which broadens the road of the wireless communication. Bluetooth uses distributed network structure and fast frequency hopping and short packet technology to support point-to-point and point-to-multipoint communication, which works in the 2.4ghz ISM (industrial, scientific and medical) frequency commonly used in the world. The data rate is lMbps, adopting time division duplex transmission scheme to realize full duplex transmission.

Bluetooth can effectively solve these two problems. The following introduces taht how to make watching TV easier and clearer through bluetooth!

When watching TV with the aid of the ordinary hearing aids, the way of sound transmission is: sound is transmitted from the TV horn to the air of the room, and the hearing aids microphone receives the sound signal of the TV through the air transmission process in the room. Because of the distance, there are sound scattering, refraction, noise and so on in the room. The sound received by the hearing aids is mixed with these interference elements, which leads to that the users have to accept some unwanted noise and distortion when they use hearing aids to watch TV, so the phenomena of hearing not clear happens. The bluetooth technology only needs to insert a module in the TV (called TV adapter or TV LINK), and hearing aid users wearing a bluetooth receiver. the working path is: audio signal was transmitted by the Tv into the module, and the audio signal was transmitted by the module to the signal transmission to the bluetooth receiver, then bluetooth receiver converts bluetooth signal into inductance signal and transmits bluetooth type hearing aid it to bluetooth hearing aids through coils, next it was transmitted by bluetooth type hearing aid into acoustic signal to the ear. Through the same process, it solves the problems of the decreasing sound in air transmission, make the voice of the television direct transmit to the ear canal, no attenuation and distortion. It is bluetooth type hearing aids that can help you choose to turn down the sound when watching TV, that is, not receive or less receive the external environment, reducing the surrounding noise on your TV sound interference, improving the signal-to-noise ratio to help you hear more clearly!

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