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Waterproof Hearing Aid Maintenance

Optional waterproof hearing aid should be considered with caution. In general, the age at which waterproof hearing aids are used is not limited, but is especially important for children and the elderly. In the extent of hearing loss, you must choose carefully. If the hearing loss is above 35 decibels, a waterproof hearing aid must be worn. The fitting of waterproof hearing aid is a scientific and sophisticated process. Since each person's hearing condition is different, the hearing compensation requirements for waterproof hearing aid are also different.

When turning on the hearing aid, turn the volume knob forward or clockwise until it is in the proper position. When changing the listening environment, if you want to increase the volume, rotate the knob forward. To decrease the volume, adjust the knob backwards or counterclockwise. The hearing aid can be turned off when it is rotated backwards.

How to make up the technical function of the hearing aid to compensate for the hearing loss?

The superior performance of any hearing aid must match the user's hearing loss, otherwise the cutting-edge technology will not work. The optional hearing aid needs to ensure that the amplified sound of the hearing aid fits the user's actual hearing loss curve as much as possible to meet the user's hearing needs.

The Royal London Institute of Deafness uses a more basic method to test discriminative power, which is to use the sound information necessary for language recognition as a test content. Such information includes pitch changes, sound signal leak detection, the resolution of clicks, and the perception of the formant spacing of the synthesized language.

Can the sound quality of hearing aids be clearer?

The high definition of sound quality depends on how much information is obtained from the ambient sound per unit time. The sampling rate represents the number of samples per second. When we play back the sampled still sound data at the same rate as the sampling rate, we hear a continuous sound. Obviously, the greater the amount of data sampled by this sound, the more consistent and delicate the sound is heard, and it will not confuse the sound of the kettle with the whistle. The higher the sampling rate, the closer it is to the real ambient sound.

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