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This Is How The Noise Of Hearing Aid Generates

Sometimes, when people wear external hearing aid amplifier, they can feel the noise of it. Turn it off and turn it on again, it it the same. So, what happens?

In fact, this is the acoustic feedback phenomenon of external hearing aid amplifier.

Acoustic feedback is an abnormal external screaming phenomenon that often occurs in hearing aid fitting, which often affects the wearing effect of hearing aids. According to foreign statistics, almost 24% of hearing aid users' complaints are related to the sound feedback of hearing aids. In order to prevent and eliminate acoustic feedback, it is necessary to study the mechanism and reasons of acoustic feedback and explore the method of eliminating acoustic feedback.

Principle of acoustic feedback generation

An external hearing aid amplifier is a small amplifier, very small in size, with a microphone very close to the microphone. Normally, a hearing aid amplifies the sound that comes in from the outside and sends it to the speaker. Acoustic feedback is the noise phenomenon that caused by this way: a portion of the speaker's sound energy is transmitted to and amplified by the microphone by means of sound propagation.

The necessary conditions for producing acoustic feedback:

1. Microphone and speaker are used simultaneously;

2. The sound transmitted by the receiver can be transmitted to the microphone through space;

3. The sound power produced by the receiver is large enough and the microphone is sensitive enough to pick up the sound.

In the hearing aid system, when the microphone is used to pick up the sound, the pickup area of the microphone is not completely isolated from the playback area of the receiver and the sound produced by the receiver is transmitted to the microphone through space. So, if the amplification circuit gain is too high, the acoustic feedback will be caused. Generally, the main reason for the feedback in the hearing aid system is that the sound (signal) of some frequencies in the system is too strong. When the microphone channel gain is increased, these excessively strong frequencies reach the required intensity conditions of acoustic feedback first.

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