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The Price and Caution of the Hearing Machine for Old People

The appearance of hearing aids can be divided into: box machine, ear back machine, custom machine. It depends on the hearing loss of the elderly. The price ranges from several hundred yuan to several thousand yuan, even tens of thousands of yuan.

1. Before purchasing hearing aids, you should consult with a hospital or a licensed professional hearing aid testing shop and make a hearing assessment.

2. Choose the appropriate shape of hearing aid. Box type has a low price but high noise; deep ear canal type has an expensive cost but beautiful shape; ear hanging type and ear hearing aids has a moderate price but acceptable beauty.

3. Go to the hospital to adjust and test after wearing for one month.
Then arrange the future debugging time according to the situation. Generally speaking, we have to go to the hospital hearing center to test the hearing and re-adjust the hearing aids for at least once a year. Correct use, regular cleaning and testing of hearing aids can prolong the service life of hearing aids.

It is suggested that you choose a good brand of hearing aids, which has a guaranteed quality; wearing hearing aids must have an adaptive process. Don't expect to be able to recover 100% of your hearing immediately after you turn on the hearing aid. When first wearing, the sound is relatively light, which is gradually increasing. It is first used in the indoor, then for the outdoor use, gradually adapting; we should avoid wearing hearing aids removal, and hearing aids need to wear for a few hours a day, letting the hearing "exercise" sound to prevent the degeneration and atrophy of the auditory nerve.

What should we pay attention to when selecting hearing aids for elderly deafness?

1. Be sure to go to a special listening center and find a professional auditor to test your hearing and adjust your hearing aids. Do not buy and wear hearing aids in stores or pharmacies casually, or choose hearing aids only on the basis of subjective feelings.

2. Reasonable expectations. No expensive hearing aid is as good as your ears, but it can help you overcome most of the difficulties. If your expectations are too high, it will inevitably lead to rejection, and you will not be able to get its help.

3. Emphasize the training of adaptation period. Just taking on the hearing machine for old people, you will feel too noisy around, and you can not hear clearly when too many people are talking, hearing some tones change, which are common. These discomforts can be overcome if we follow the advice of professionals and train carefully during the adaptation period.

4. If conditions permit, we should try our best to choose hearing machine for the old people with better function and quality, which can receive better compensation effect. You know, listening is very important to your quality of life. If the hearing loss is not compensated, it will aggravate aging and make you launch social life prematurely.

5. Hearing loss should be detected as soon as possible, and suitable hearing machine for the old people should be tested. The lighter the degree of loss is, the better the effect is, and even if it gradually declines in the future, it will be easier to adjust.

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