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The Characteristics of the Digital Ear Hearing Machine

The digital ear hearing machine have one or more microchip processors that can convert analog signals into computer languages of 0 and 1. Sound wave in this format can be organized faster and more effectively than simulation sound wave. Digital arithmetic can quickly analyze sound intensity and frequency, and adjust the sound intensity and frequency to make the hearing aids fit different hearing loss.

Digital arithmetic continues to advise on noise, which remains stable for a relatively long time, even although the intensity of the speech can vary rapidly within milliseconds. After a period of time, digital technology can accurately reduce continuous noise such as traffic noise and household appliances. When short sound, such as speech appears, are monitored by digital ear hearing machine in the future, Arabic digital technology can immediately adjust the hearing aids and answer the sounds to an amplified level.

Digital technology can continuously divide sound into different channels. For example, the person having the hearing loss can't hear the bass, but if he amplifies certain frequencies, or even a little, he will be overwhelmed by the sound. Hearing aids with full digital compression routes can stratify the received sound, detect and emphatically amplify those requiring amplification.

The precise regulation performance of digital technology is also reflected in today's tranquil environment. The digital ear hearing machine uses a hearing technology called extension technology, which allows digital arithmetic to distinguish subtle environmental sounds from the noise of household appliances. Arabic numeric arithmetic can also reduce or eliminate acoustic reflection. Acoustic response is a major difficulty in consumption of the hearing aid. Digital arithmetic can monitor the sound before it can be heard, and then reduce the sound of the frequency band in which the sound reflects. The hearing aids of the elderly will not have a significant impact on the audible sound level.

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