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The Advantages of the Digital Ear Hearing Machine

Digital hearing aids are different from analog hearing aids, which uses a non-linear amplifier circuit to convert speech signals into digital signals. According to the hearing needs of patients, digital speech signals are processed by various digital signal processing methods.

The functional advantages of the digital ear hearing machine are as follows:

1. The ability of helping processing hearing aids amplify sound is the most main physical performance of hearing aids, which is called the increasing advantages.
The purpose of hearing aids the patients are equipped with is to maximize the compensation of hearing in comfortable condition. This requires that the amplifier of hearing aids has low noise, no distortion of signal amplification, wide frequency response, flexible adjustment of high, medium and low frequency sound, and controllable volume of large, medium and small sound. The "heart" of digital ear hearing machine--DSP has powerful processing function, which enables the hearing aids to adjust the input signal in multi-band and control multi-channel compression, so as to ensure that it has the above characteristics.

2. Feedback howling is often happening to the severe deafness patients due to inadequate closure to happen the ear canal, and for some mild deafness patients, feedback howling is also produced. Feedback suppression circuit of digital ear hearing machine can eliminate or partly eliminate feedback whistle. There are two kinds of common circuits. One does not affect the output of the hearing aid while eliminating the feedback whistle; the other has less influence on the output power of the hearing aid.

3. Noise processing in noisy environment will influence the effect of using hearing aids forfeit people. If it is used for a long time in this environment, patients will feel uncomfortable. The digital noise attenuation processor of digital ear hearing machine can recognize and attenuate steady-state noise (such as noise generated by refrigerators, cars, computers, etc.). It is worth noting: up to now, no digital ear hearing machine can separate noise from speech, only reducing noise and speech with the same frequency in the corresponding channel. For this, we should not listen to the exaggerated and untrue propaganda in advertisements.

4. Speech enhancement (spectrum elevation processing) technology sensorineural deafness patients has a less recognition of sound frequency, that is, the ability of language recognition decreased. Scientists use spectrum enhancement technology to make the distinction between vowels and consonants more obvious, so as to improve the speech recognition ability of deaf patients.

5. Directional microphone (dual microphone) management technology scientists have long confirmed that directional microphone can effectively improve the signal-to-noise ratio of hearing aids, but because directional microphone has its own shortcomings, it has not been widely used before hearing aids are fully digitized. Due to the use of digital signal processor technology, digital ear hearing machine can automatically calibrate the matching of dual microphones, and can be applied more flexibly according to different sound environments.

6. DSP of the signal generator technology digital ear hearing machine not only has the function of amplifying sound, but also can produce sound. At this time, the hearing aid can be used as an audiometer, which is used for in-situ (wearing a hearing aid) to measure the hearing and loudness growth of the deaf people, which improves the accuracy of the adjustment of hearing aids, so that patients use hearing aids better.

7. Humanized digital ear hearing machine has the following functions: ①Low power hint: when battery power is insufficient, it can automatically send prompt to remind patients to change batteries. ② Start-up delay function: It can avoid the feedback whistling stimulation when patients wear hearing aids. ③Multi-memory program: To meet a variety of use needs, such as quiet environment, noise environment, listening to music, telephone, etc. ④ automatic elimination of wind noise. ⑤Adjustment of ear plugging effect.

8. Intelligent function can automatically identify noise and speech environment, and switch programs. Thus, the digital hearing aids can input the sound intensity of the microphone according to the external environment, and automatically match the amplification intensity of different frequencies according to the user's hearing loss. The standard of amplification is based on a large number of audiological experiments, and the average data is generally suitable. However, as each user has different perceptions of sound, it is difficult for digital hearing aids to meet the individual listening needs of each user after one debugging, so it needs two or three or even multiple debugging to achieve satisfactory results.

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