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Seven Benefits of Rechargeable Hearing Aids!

1 Stable performance
For people living in cold areas, rechargeable hearing aids are a good choice. Because of the low temperature, zinc-air batteries are difficult to work properly. In dry and low temperature environment, the consumption of zinc-air battery is too fast, resulting in instability of hearing aids, intermittent sound or poor sound quality. In comparison, lithium batteries perform better at low temperatures.

2. Environmental protection and safety
The best choice for enthusiasts of environmental protection and safety - rechargeable hearing aids of lithium battery. Lithium battery charged hearing aids avoid the fate of disposable batteries being discarded at will when they are dead. We all know that when the battery leaks to the surface, the chemicals in it can not be degraded for many years, which is harmful to the surrounding environment. And the lithium battery charged hearing aids solve the environmental protection problem well, so that you can use it with ease.

3 Easy to operate
Disposable batteries are small and easy to drop when replaced. In addition, the visual acuity and hand-foot flexibility of the elderly users were lower than that of the younger ones. The frequency of battery replacement every 10-20 days or so poses a great challenge to their daily life. Charged hearing aids fully take into account the needs of older users and are very suitable for them.

4 Economic benefits
Over the years, the replacement of hearing aid batteries is also a considerable cost, careful calculation, charging hearing aids are very cost-effective. It also saves you the time and energy to buy batteries.

5 Safety and reassurance
If the batteries of disposable hearing aids are carelessly placed, they may be swallowed by pets or children, which may cause potential safety hazards. If you have pets or toddlers in your home, a rechargeable hearing aid is your best choice.

6 Portable and efficient
Why did hearing aids suddenly run out of power when traveling or business trips took place? If you love outdoor sports, or frequent business trips, rechargeable hearing aids are definitely your best companion. Just plug in the rechargeable battery bin every night before going to bed to ensure that the next day's electricity is full.

7 More Energy Conservation
If you often use Bluetooth for audio transmission, disposable batteries consume more power, and lithium battery charged hearing aids can help solve this problem.

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