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Secret Book of Use of Rechargeable Hearing Aid

This article describes the daily use of rechargeable hearing aids.

1. Clean the charging base with a dry, soft tissue or cotton swab. A soft brush included with the hearing aid can be used to clean the contacts on the charger. Do not sterilize the charger. Do not use alcohol, solvents or any other liquids.
2. Plug in the USB power adapter first, then plug it into a power outlet. Avoid using a laptop or computer to charge the charging dock. When the power is properly connected, the green charge indicator will flash immediately.
3. Charge the hearing aid every night and insert the hearing aid into the charging slot so that the ear molds of the two hearing aids are facing the same side of the charging base as the power cord.
4. The charging base indicator will continue to flash for 5-8 seconds to ensure that the charging process is normal. When the hearing aid is fully charged, the indicator light will be green.
5. When you are not using a hearing aid, always make sure the hearing aid is placed on the charging base and connected to the power source. This will not cause excessive charging.
6. When the charging base is not connected to the power supply, do not place the hearing aid on the charging base, which will drain the battery.
7. When the hearing aid has a low battery alert tone, please charge or replace the regular non-rechargeable battery to continue using it.

Jinhao compact and worry-free rechargeable hearing aid. It can provide you with at least one full day of power on a single charge. It has a more flexible power supply solution and is compatible with traditional batteries.

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