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Rechargeable Hearing Aid Batteries

1. Rechargeable batteries and disposable batteries

Primary batteries (conventional rechargeable hearing aid batteries), also known as disposable batteries, are designed to be used once and then be discarded. Disposable hearing aid batteries usually last for 3 to 14 days depending on three factors: the energy stored in the batteries, the programming characteristics of the hearing aid and the user's listening habits. Disposable hearing aid batteries rely on zinc-air chemical reactions, which provide high energy but lack rechargeability.

Secondary or rechargeable hearing aid batteries can be reused by the wearer of the rechargeable hearing aid. Rechargeable batteries are usually charged every night for daily usage. Same as disposable batteries, daily battery life varies depending on the chemical properties of batteries, the energy stored in batteries, product programming and the user’s listening habits. The battery itself usually lasts up to a year ( or may be longer in some cases).

2. Types of rechargeable batteries

There are three types of rechargeable hearing aid batteries: 1) Nickel metal hydride (NiMH); 2) Silver-zinc; 3) Lithium-ion batteries.

Nickel-hydrogen (NiMH) rechargeable hearing aid batteries have existed for more than ten years. However, due to the limited capacity of batteries and the increasing energy demand of advanced hearing aids, these batteries do not have enough energy to last a whole day. In addition, they can not be charged for more than 300 times (i.e. cycle life), so they cannot last for a whole year.

Silver-zinc and lithium-ion hearing aid batteries bring a new era of rechargeability for hearing aid users. Both types of batteries offer longer daily and overall battery life than NiMH batteries. Although both types of batteries provide higher energy densities than Ni-MH batteries, the energy densities of Silver-zinc chemicals are slightly higher than those of similar size lithium-ion micro-batteries. Silver-zinc also have size advantages because batteries can be small enough to be used together with hearing aids equipped with battery 312, while lithium-ion batteries cannot.

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