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ITE Hearing Aid

ITE Hearing Aid

ITE means In Ear Hearing Aid, they are included ITC, IIC, CIC hearing aid. Most of them are small and tiny. Because of their sizes, we hard to find them when people wear on it. Whilst smaller hearing aids might be more discreet, you may find that some of the larger in-ear styles easier to put in place or remove especially of you may be experiencing dexterity problems. This can also make in-ear hearing aids easier to clean and maintain. And the IIC is the smallest hearing aids are so small they sit inside the ear canal where no one can see. ITC or CIC hearing devices are small possible hearing loss solutions. They are entirely contained in small cases that fit partially or completely inside the ear canal. Many people like these because they can be used easily by the telephone. However, IIC, CIC and ITC devices are difficult to handle and adjust due to their small size. Additionally, they may not fit in smaller ears, and they are only recommended for adults with mild to moderate hearing loss.

The Difference with BTE Hearing Aid

No matter ITC, IIC, CIC, even ITE hearing aids, because of their way of wearing, they are really different with BTE style. Many people prefer a hearing device that sits entirely in the ear. This style is referred to as an ITE or "In the Ear" device. Millions of people are wearing this style with great success. It is often the first choice of a new hearing device wearer because some of the ITE choices are considered a less visible design.

When we fit patients with BTE "Behind the Ear" models, we are able to put more power (more amplification) into the hearing device. This is often needed as a patients hearing loss is increased over time. This design also has the added benefit of controlling feedback (that annoying whistling) that is sometimes experienced in the ITE design.

USE ITE or BTE hearing aids depend on your own clients' needs, ITE style is more invisible and BTE style is more amplification but more visible. Generally speaking, we recommend that children can use BTE type and adult use BTE and ITE type.

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