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Popular Science Knowledge: Hearing Aid Battery

At present, zinc-air batteries are most commonly used in the market, because they are more environmentally friendly and maintain a constant voltage. They have a simple operating principle: there is a small hole on the surface of the battery, allowing air to penetrate. Air reacts with zinc in batteries to produce zinc oxide and energy.

Remove the protective film only before use
It is important to note that the discharge process begins only after the battery is inserted into the hearing aid. This is why the holes in the hearing aid battery are sealed with special protective film.

Before inserting the battery into the hearing aid, remove the battery protective film. Since the battery is only working at this time, it may take some time (usually less than a minute) to power the hearing aid.

It is worth remembering that once the protective film is removed, the battery will continue to discharge. Therefore, the protective film should be removed from the battery of the hearing aid only when the hearing aid is ready to be inserted. Or it's a good idea to remove the protective film and wait two minutes before inserting the battery into the hearing aid.

Rechargeable Batteries: Alternatives to Hearing Aid Batteries

Hearing aids do not always have to be powered by standard disposable batteries. Rechargeable batteries are another option. One advantage of rechargeable batteries is that they do not need to be replaced or discarded. When the battery is exhausted, it can be charged overnight. Please consult your auditor if there are usb rechargeable hearing aid and whether they are suitable for your listening situation.

Frequency of battery replacement

The frequency of battery replacement depends on the size of the battery and the performance of the usb rechargeable hearing aid. Batteries 10 in digital hearing aids with many control functions usually last three to five days, while larger batteries 13 in simple hearing aids last up to three weeks. The battery life also depends on how long you wear a hearing aid. I often advise you to change batteries at a fixed time (8 a.m. every Monday) after you have mastered the basic rules for a period of time (such as a week), so as not to suddenly need to change batteries when you go out.

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