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Points for Attention of Rechargeable Hearing Aids Amplifier Batteries

1. Security differences

Silver-zinc batteries is non-toxic and non-flammable when working at a low voltage (1.6-1.7V),  which means that they can be safely operated and have a relatively low risk of being swallowed by mistake. In addition, lithium-ion batteries keep trucking at higher voltages (3.6-3.7V), and there indeed are considerable risks associated with flammability and toxicity. Because of these risks, lithium-ion batteries are sealed into the original hearing aid.

2. Disposable batteries are viewed as standby batteries

Because of the safety of Ag-Zn technology, Ag-Zn rechargeable hearing aid batteries can usually be removed from the hearing aid housing and exchanged with disposable zinc air batteries. This provides a flexibility for hearing aid users when they need to use disposable batteries for a period of time or when the charging power supply is not available (e.g. power failure).

3. How long can a rechargeable hearing aid last after a charge?

ZPower recently completed performance tests on four popular rechargeable hearing aid models to determine the service life of Ag-Zn rechargeable hearing aid batteries after one charge. According to the type of hearing aids and the number of hours of wireless transmission, rechargeable batteries provide the use time from 7.7 (full-time wireless) to 24.7 (non-wireless) hours.

4. Differences between Hearing Aid Types

Tests on the machine show that there is a significant difference in the usage time from one type of rechargeable hearing aid to another type of rechargeable hearing aid. Products that use new low-power Bluetooth circuits have a longer life than regular batteries, regardless of how much time they spend on wireless transmission.

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