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Notes for Adults in Choosing Hearing Aids

At present, there are several types of hearing aids on the market: box type (pocket hearing), ear back type, inner ear type and ear canal type.

1) Box hearing aids are also called pocket or pocket model hearing aid. They are slightly larger than matchbox. The fuselage and headphones are connected by wires. When used, earphones are inserted in the external ear canal and boxes are placed in the front pocket. Its advantages are small interference, large power, easy to use, easy to adjust, long use time and low price, which can meet the needs of people with severe deafness. However, this kind of pocket model hearing aid in the pocket will produce frictional sound, affecting language discrimination, wearing very conspicuous, so sometimes it will feel inconvenient.

2) The shape of the ear-back hearing aid is 3-4 centimeters long and crooked. It is placed behind the auricle. The sound is transmitted into the ear canal through a horn-shaped ear hook and a plastic tube. Its advantages are no conductor, compact size, more concealed, less interference, can be installed with induction coil to increase the function of listening to the telephone. The disadvantage is that a special ear mould needs to be prepared, which is not used to at first and is not easy to adjust, etc.

3) Inner-ear hearing aids and ear canal hearing aids belong to small-sized hearing aids, which have the advantages of small, concealed, no wires, no need to make other ear models, good hearing effect, and can improve hearing, but the adjustment is inconvenient and expensive, and they need to be customized according to each person's ear canal and cavity of concha. Because of its low power, it is only suitable for moderate deafness and not suitable for severe and extremely severe deafness.

When choosing hearing aids, it is better to go to the hospital, make a comprehensive examination of hearing, accurately evaluate the degree of deafness with electrical audiometer and other instruments, and then choose hearing aids. If there is no local hospital with corresponding conditions, the degree of hearing loss and the power of hearing aids can be estimated by oral test. For example, people who can't hear whispers have a hearing loss of 30-40 decibels and those who can't hear whispers have a hearing loss of about 40-50 decibels. At this time, low-power and medium-power hearing aids should be chosen; those who can't hear ordinary speech have a hearing loss of about 50-60 decibels, and those who can't hear high-voice have a hearing loss of 60-70 decibels. The middle-power can be allocated. And high-power hearing aids; those who can't hear loud calls have a hearing loss of 70-80 decibels, using medium and high-power hearing aids; those who can't hear full-scale calls have a hearing loss of about 80-90 decibels or higher, and can choose high-power and Extra-high-power hearing aids.

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