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The More Channels The Hearing Aids Have, The Better?

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When choosing a hearing aid, most of the friends who have known it in advance will ask, "What are the channels of this hearing aid?"
Undoubtedly, the number of channels has become an index for many people to measure the quality of hearing aids, even the most important one. Especially when choosing between 1W or 4W hearing aids, the number of channels is an easily accepted choice criterion.

But what exactly is the number of channels, and whether it can measure the quality of digital ear machine? Today, ear tree listener Liu Lulu is here to make a simple science popularization for you.

What is the "channel"?

To give a comparative example:

The frequency range of 88 keys is about 27.5-4186.Hz. Play a key with your finger, corresponding to one of the frequencies.
But when a jingling cat comes to play (without finger), it uses its fist to play, one fist to press down, and it can press several keys at the same time.

The frequency compensation range of analog hearing aids is generally 125-8000Hz. The more channels there are, the more delicate the sound will be (the more keys the piano has, the more fingers it will play). The fewer channels, the rougher the gain curve (equivalent to fist playing the piano).

Channel, in fact, is each independent electronic circuit unit on the chip of all-digital hearing aids. The structure and function of each unit are identical, and the sound of different frequency bands can be processed separately. It is like a non-interference traffic channel, each channel can set the direction of the vehicle, traffic time, speed, vehicle load, and other information separately.

In recent years, more and more popular science articles are explaining the concept and significance of "channel" in order to tell everyone that "the number of channels of hearing aids is not the more the better", but if multi-channel is not meaningful, why do the major imported brand hearing aids insist on making multi-channel hearing aids? In fact, the significance of multi-channel technology is changing with the development of intelligent hearing aids. Multichannel is one of the most representative technologies, so it has significance, but it is not an important indicator to judge the performance of body level hearing aid.

Because there are too many channels, the more complex it is to sample and process the sound, the more channels the better, which is limited by the processing ability and the distortion of the sound envelope. And different brands of hearing aids have slightly different voice processing ideas, and different brands cannot be compared horizontally.

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