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The Effect of Bluetooth Hearing Aids

There are two problems with making phone calls:
1. The phone screams when it is close to the hearing aid, unable to answer the phone, and cannot hear clearly when it is far away;
2. The sound of surrounding environment interferes with the voice coming from the phone, making the user unable to hear clearly what is said on the phone.

So what's the solution to both of these problems? You can keep the phone away from your ears, hear what's going on inside the phone, and not be distracted by outside sounds. Therefore, the manufacturer solved this problem through mature Bluetooth technology.
First you need a hearing aid that supports Bluetooth technology, and a Bluetooth receiver, after the checker pairs your hearing aid with a Bluetooth receiver, use your phone to search and bind the signal to the Bluetooth receiver.

So what does this look like? First of all, when you have a call coming in, there will be an incoming call prompt sound inside the hearing aid. You just need to press the answer button on the Bluetooth receiver to connect the call. You don't need to take out the phone and put it on your ear. This eliminates the possibility of the phone coming close to the hearing aid and producing a roar.
In addition, if you feel that the noise around you when you answer the phone interferes with your normal calls, you can ask your checker to set up a program, when you answer the phone, the hearing aid reduces or does not accept the external sound. More importantly, if you wear a hearing aid with both ears, you can also use a two-ear phone, so that both ears can hear the sound inside the phone, so that you can hear more clearly.
Talk about watching TV. Hearing aid wearers often complain that the sound of the TV is hard to hear, or that someone talking nearby interferes with your watching TV. Turn the TV up loud enough to hear it clearly, but the family watching TV with you can't stand it. It's noisy. When the sound is turned down, the family feels comfortable, but the hearing aid user can't hear clearly.
The result is often your family does not accompany you to watch TV or you silently watching subtitles. What's the reason? This is because the sound signal from the TV is attenuated, and the echo in the room, together with the influence of transmission distance and other factors, makes it difficult for you to hear clearly when using the microphone. What can we do about it?
Also, first wear a hearing aid that supports Bluetooth technology, a Bluetooth receiver, and a TV Bluetooth adapter. The verifier matches the hearing aid to a Bluetooth receiver and then connects the TV to the TV Bluetooth adapter. Finally, pair the Bluetooth receiver and the TV adapter according to the instruction. In this way, the sound inside the TV can be transmitted directly to your ears, which is equivalent to closing the distance between you and the TV. There is no need to turn up the TV sound. Family members and you watch TV without interference. Also, if you feel that the ambient sound is interfering with your TV watching, you can still ask your verifier to adjust a program to reduce or do not accept external sound when watching TV, only listen to the sound inside the TV.
The mature bluetooth style hearing amplifier will bring more convenience to your life. I wish all hearing aids users will have a relaxed and happy life.

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