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Rechargeable Hearing Aid

Humanized design
(1)Rechargeable hearing aids bring more convenience to users.
(2)The appearance adopts the more user-friendly design, and the optimized design of the microphone position can greatly reduce the noise generated by the friction between the hair and the hearing aid shell, effectively improve the sound collection effect, and provide a better listening experience for the user.

Clear boot logo
(1)Wear, charge and switch at a glance.
(2)The slim, streamlined design increases the concealment of wearing.
At the same time, the button switch is enlarged and equipped with an indicator light to indicate the state of charge and the power on/off. A separate volume adjustment button and blue and red corresponding left and right ear logos are provided for the user to wear.

Intelligent charging management module
(1)Charging safe and secure.
(2)The built-in smart charge management module protects against overcharging of the battery. Durable battery life can provide 1500 times + full-charge charging, providing users with safe and secure charging protection.

3-in-1 charging box
(1)Charging, drying and cleaning in one.
(2)One charge for 24 hours.
(3)Optional storage energy block, ready to charge and travel without worry.

Power storage block
(1)Mobile power supply designed for a 3-in-1 charging box.
(2)Direct docking with a 3-in-1 charging box.
(3)When fully charged, you can provide 2 hearing aids for 7 days of extra power.

Mini charger
(1)Weighing only 10g, it is easy to carry around.
(2)The design is compact and mini, and the travel does not take up space.
(3)Just 30 minutes to charge, you can provide 6 hours of peace of mind.

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