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Purchase Guide for Hearing Aids

The development of hearing aids has a history of more than 100 years. The appearance and performance of hearing aids have undergone tremendous changes. From the appearance, the "prototype" of hearing aid is a horn, which can collect sound and also play a certain role in amplification. Hearing aids have grown from bulky, immobile devices that can only be used in one place, to ones that can now be buried deep in the ear canal, barely visible. This is inseparable from the joint efforts of many scientists as well as hearing workers. Hearing aids are becoming smaller, more sophisticated, less visible and more comfortable.
In terms of performance, hearing aid has also developed from the original analog hearing aid and programmed hearing aid to the current all-digital hearing aid. The analog hearing aid amplifies all the sounds, it's ok to hear them in a quiet environment. Many people can't stand the noise outside, which is a big reason why many hearing loss patients remove the hearing aid as soon as they get outside. The programmed hearing aid improved on the basis of the simulator, but still could not meet the requirements of patients with neural deafness. The advent of full-digital hearing aids has solved the problem of revitalization for a large proportion of patients with neural deafness. At the same time, the noise reduction technology of full-digital hearing aid greatly improves the comfort under the noise environment. The application of directional microphone improves the signal-to-noise ratio of patients in noise environment and greatly improves the satisfaction of hearing aid users.

Top selling:
JH-D18 Super Power Hearing Aid
JH-D19 Waterproof Hearing Aid
JH- D26 Rechargeable BTE Hearing Aid
JH-A17 CIC Hearing Aid
JH- A39 Rechargeable BTE Hearing Aid
JH-115 Analog BTE Hearing Aid Hearing Amplifier
JH-D16 Dolphin Hearing Aid

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