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CIC Hearing Aids is Helpful for Rehabilitation of High-Frequency Hearing Loss

The use of CIC hearing aids has been relatively common, because of its small size, sound amplification, and better quality, it has been favored by patients with hearing loss. Although the use of CIC hearing aids has declined due to the rapid increase of open-ear hearing aids, it is still the main type of hearing aids. There are also many studies on the benefits of deep auditory canal hearing aids to patients. However, it is worth discussing whether the effects of deep auditory canal hearing aids on hearing loss patients with high-frequency sensorineural hearing loss are outstanding.

In a recent research report, we found relevant results and share them with readers. The study used some major audiometric questionnaires, such as the Senile Hearing Disability Screening Scale, the Simplified Hearing Aid Benefit Questionnaire and the Daily Hearing Aid Satisfaction Questionnaire. The researchers mailed these questionnaires to 79 hearing-impaired patients in both groups. These subjects met the test criteria, including their pure tone threshold of 2000 Hz and the use of CIC hearing aids. Of these, 67% (53) completed questionnaires were sent back and then divided into two groups. One group had 26 normal hearing below 2000 Hz, the second group had 27 normal hearing below 1000 Hz.

The results showed that although the two groups had a severe hearing impairment, they felt significant hearing aids and were very satisfied with them. Using the three-volume tests, the difference between the two groups was not obvious, and there was no statistical significance.
The results showed that patients with high-frequency sensorineural hearing loss were satisfied with the effect of CIC hearing aids. If the patient has only high-frequency hearing loss and is sensorineural hearing loss, they should first use deep hearing aids. Obviously, the effect of deep auditory AIDS on different hearing loss curves is different, which should be fully understood for the specific test personnel.

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