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Whether hearing aid is "matched" or "bought" is critical!
New users often describe to their hearing aid checkers the person next to them: "It's noisy to wear a hearing aid, especially when it's so loud that your ears feel terrible." For this phenomenon, as a hearing aid technician, it is necessary to consider whether the adjustment is not appropriate or whether the pre-test hearing test is accurate. It's also important to note that hearing aids for people who can't hear well are "matched" or "bought". Hearing aids can be divided into two types, and let's look at the differences between the two types:
(1) Simulated hearing aid
It is a more traditional type of hearing aid. The simulator is linear and cannot distinguish between noise and speech. There are a lot of people who buy linear amplified analog hearing aids or box hearing aids without hearing test. These hearing aids do not process sound very carefully, and do not have corresponding inhibition to loud sound, so it will lead to uncomfortable listening and shock ears.
(2) Digital hearing aid
Digital hearing aids are today's most technologically advanced products. The case is the same as other hearing aids, but the sound quality is usually clearer than traditional hearing aids and is more resistant to noise interference. Digital hearing aids can adjust the main parameters at any time according to the user's listening changes and requirements, so as to meet the hearing needs of hearing aids users. The processing aspect of loud will be more refined, among which there are maximum output control and compression and amplification.
For patients with hearing loss, hearing aids are their second "ears". They should try to choose appropriate hearing aids, and they can meet their needs in terms of comfort while compensating for hearing, so as to better help them to listen.

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