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Advantages and Disadvantages of CIC Hearing Aids

Wearing ear canal or CIC hearing aids has the following advantages

1. More concealed and easily accepted;

2. It is not easy to drop so that the wearer can work and move easily.

3.Convenient for hearing impaired people who wear glasses;

4. Be more used to answering the phone. In the orifice of the ear canal, it seems more natural.

5. The function of the auricle is retained, and the acoustic gain of the auricle can reach 8dB, which reduces the requirement of the hearing aid gain.

6. Closer to the tympanic membrane, the sound gain reaching the tympanic membrane can be increased up to 6dB, which reduces the requirement of hearing aid gain.

7. It has auditory canal resonance, especially for high-frequency signal, so it has high clarity and good acoustic effect.

8. Deep into the osseous part of the auditory canal, the energy of cartilage vibration of the external auditory canal caused by the osseous conduction is released, and the ear-plugging effect is greatly reduced, which can reduce the low-frequency components of the signal.

CIC hearing aids are smaller and more invisible. It can be closer to the tympanic membrane. But its power is small, and it is not suitable for patients with the too small ear canal. One of the most important things to note when testing hearing aids is that in order to meet the long-term needs of life in the future, you'd better choose the most suitable hearing aids for you. For this reason, if you can understand the advantages and disadvantages of different types of hearing aids, it will help you better choose hearing aids.

CIC hearing aids are the smallest on the market. They are hidden deep in the ear canal and almost invisible. CIC is tailored to the shape of individual ears. It is for this reason that this hearing aid can provide a more natural listening effect.

If your ear canal is large enough and deep enough to allow the hearing aid to reach a certain insertion depth, then you can customize the CIC hearing aid. In addition, CIC is suitable for people with a low degree of hearing loss. It is a kind of ear machine for deaf. If you have finger flexibility problems, such as arthritis, CIC is not recommended, because you also need to adjust procedures and replace batteries, which are very small and may be very difficult for you to handle.

The benefits of CIC are obvious. It is the most attractive hearing aid in appearance because they are the smallest hearing aids nowadays and can hardly be seen. CIC is the best choice for you if you want to wear a hearing aid without being known. In addition, the sound quality of CIC is more natural. Because CIC is close to your ear model, the sound can also be naturally increased.

Shortcomings of CIC hearing aids

Unfortunately, hearing aids also have many shortcomings. First, CIC hearing aids are more expensive than other types of hearing aids. If your budget is low, CIC is not for you. In addition, because of their small appearance, children are not recommended to use CIC hearing aids because their ears are growing. If you have arthritis, you will have to experience the difficulty and pain of replacing CIC batteries.
Acoustic feedback is another weakness of CIC hearing aids. Feedback is the constant shrill sound emitted by hearing aids, which is caused by leaking sound and forming a circuit to amplify the sound. CIC hearing aids are more prone to feedback problems. In addition, because CIC hearing aids are deeply embedded in the ear canal, they are more vulnerable to the threat of wax and moisture, so they are more vulnerable to damage, which leads to a higher rate of repair of CIC hearing aids.

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