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Moisture-proof Maintenance Method of In the ear Hearing Aid in Summer

In the ear hearing aids are medical devices composed of precise electronic components. They are the smallest and most integrated hearing aids at present. Because of working in the user's ear and facing the complex environment such as humidity with the user's activities, the moisture-proof maintenance of the hearing aids is particularly important in summer.

Moisture is the enemy of electronic devices, and hearing aids are no exception. Moisture can damage chips and microphones in custom machines. According to statistics, 25% of the faults of custom in the ear hearing aids are related to humidity. Moisture intrusion often occurs when swimming, bathing, shampooing, washing face, raining, dew in the morning or foggy day, and touching hearing aids with wet hands. For the prevention of tide, our suggestions are as follows:

1. Take out the hearing aid before swimming, bathing, shampooing and washing your face. When swimming, bathing and shampooing, a small amount of water will inevitably splash into the ear canal, so before wearing hearing aids again, the ear canal must be cleaned with cotton sticks.

2. Before touching or adjusting hearing aids, you must wipe off the moisture or sweat on your hands.

3. Avoid wearing hearing aids outdoors in rainy days or in high humidity environments. If used, use electronic nursing treasures as soon as possible to completely dry.

Note: If the hearing aid is accidentally damped, please don't worry. Dry the hearing aid, and then put it in the electronic care treasure to dry for more than 10 hours. It is strictly forbidden to use microwave oven to dehumidify hearing aids. Hearing aids are electronic products. Microwave oven will burn chips. It is also forbidden to use sun exposure, hairdryer or other dryers to bake. At present, the most effective and convenient drying method is to use electronic nursing treasure, so we recommend that hearing aid users are equipped with an electronic nursing.

The first choice of electronic nursing is safety. It must have temperature control and over-temperature protection. When drying, the temperature should not exceed 50 degrees.

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