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The Magical Smart Rechargeable Hearing Aid Is the Best Gift for Parents

With the aging of the population and the rapid growth of chronic diseases, hearing impairment has become a major problem affecting the quality of life of the elderly. According to the survey, about 70% of the elderly population has different levels of hearing problems. Because hearing impairment does not directly affect life like heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, and cancer, it is often overlooked. However, in daily life, it has a great influence on interpersonal communication, mental health, family relationship and quality of life.

Long-term hearing impairment is one of the predisposing factors of Alzheimer's disease, and it is also easy to cause psychological problems such as disharmony, anxiety, impatience, and lack of security. Therefore, early intervention of hearing impairment is extremely important. It is necessary to early fit the hearing aid and insist on wearing the hearing aid in order to improve the hearing ability and protect the residual hearing function.

Here are some of the eight advantages of wearing a rechargeable hearing aid!

1. Stable performance

Rechargeable hearing aids are a good choice for people living in cold areas. Due to the lower temperature, zinc-air batteries are difficult to work properly. In dry and low temperature environments, the zinc empty battery consumes too much power, causing the hearing aid to be unstable and causing intermittent sound or poor sound quality. In comparison, lithium batteries perform better at low temperatures.

2. Environmental protection and safety

The best choice for enthusiastic environmental safety people is lithium battery charging hearing aids. The lithium battery rechargeable hearing aid avoids the fate of being disposable when the disposable battery is dead. We all know that after the battery leaks to the surface, the chemical inside can be degraded after many years, thus causing damage to the surrounding environment. The lithium battery rechargeable hearing aid solves the environmental problem well, so you can use it with confidence and worry.

3. Easy to operate

The disposable battery is small and can be easily dropped when replaced. In addition, the visual acuity and flexibility of the elderly are lower than those of the younger. The frequency of battery replacement every 10-20 days brings great challenges to their daily lives. The rechargeable hearing aids fully consider the needs of elderly users and are very suitable for them.

4. Affordable

Over time, the replacement of hearing aid batteries is also a small expense. After careful calculation, rechargeable hearing aids are very cost-effective. It also saves you the time and effort of buying a battery.

5. Safe and secure

Disposable hearing aid batteries are inadvertently placed and may be swallowed by pets or young children, posing a safety hazard. If you have pets or toddlers in your home, rechargeable hearing aids are your best choice.

6. Portable and efficient

What happens when you go out for a trip, a business visit, and the hearing aid suddenly loses power? If you love outdoor sports, or travel frequently, the rechargeable hearing aid is definitely your best companion. Just plug in the rechargeable battery compartment every night before going to sleep to ensure that the battery is full the next day. The hearing aid rechargeable battery compartment can be kept on standby for about 4 days after being fully charged.

7. More energy efficient

If you frequently use Bluetooth for audio transmission, the disposable battery consumes power fast. Lithium battery rechargeable hearing aids help solve this problem.

8. The shape is more unique

Lithium batteries have various shapes and can be improved in appearance. The slim lithium battery rechargeable hearing aid is stylish and exquisite, which greatly improves the appearance satisfaction of the hearing loss and eases the psychological pressure of wearing the hearing aid.

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