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Introduction To Digital Hearing Aid Technology

The digital hearing aid is the hearing aid that adopts digital technology processing in the whole process from microphone output of hearing aid to input of receiver. A hearing aid that uses analog components for signal processing is an analog hearing aid. Obviously, the key to distinguish whether a hearing aid is analog or digital is to see whether the signal processing is analog or digital technology. It is not related to whether the hearing aid controller is a digital register or a mechanical fine-tuning. Due to the adoption of digital signal processing technology, users can clearly experience the advantages of digital hearing aid over analog hearing aid:

Digital hearing aid can distinguish and suppress ambient noise, so the sound quality is clear, loud and soft, not noisy. Just as we appreciate music, the difference in sound quality between a tape player and a CD player is the essential difference between analog and digital technology.

In the DSP process of digital machine, it can extract the characteristics of speech and combine the characteristics of human ear sound perception. In the signal processing, enhance the speech signal. The practical effect is that the language intelligibility of digital machine is much higher than that of analog machine.

Various prompts can be added to facilitate the users to grasp the hearing aid and battery conditions at any time, but the analog hearing aid signal processing process can not achieve this function.

Only digital machines can technically perform this function through digital filtering and analog products cannot.

With stronger wireless system and mobile phone compatibility than analog products, digital signal processing has stronger anti-electromagnetic interference characteristics, improve the compatibility with mobile phones.

From a technical point of view, now digital hearing aids are implemented by DSP platform, and the functions of the digital signal processing part of the chip are completely controlled by software. And hardware consists entirely of digital logic units. The high flexibility of platform digital hearing aid is reflected in two aspects:

When it is assembled, the hearing aid can be used as a parent for several different hearing AIDS, depending on what software is installed in it;

Due to the continuous development of signal processing solutions, wearers can later buy new software to be installed into the original hearing aid, so that the 

mini ear amplifier 

can be upgraded.

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