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Intelligent Computer in the Ear- Digital Ear Hearing Machine

The digital ear hearing machine replace traditional amplified circuit boards with all-digital chip processors. Audiologists can adjust hearing parameters through computer settings according to the characteristics of patients' hearing loss and store them on the digital chip processors of hearing aids, which constantly analyze external input sound to control the work of hearing aids.

The more advanced hearing aid product is, the more powerful function the chip has, the more content its parameters will contain. It can analyze and process all kinds of voices in frequency division and noise reduction. Therefore, the sound quality is soft, noise is low, distortion is small, environmental adaptability is good, and the top hearing aids have certain artificial intelligence recognition function.

When facing the audiology testing equipment and environment, electronic computers, hearing aids between the transfer equipment, the necessary programming software platform and experienced professional audiologists are indispensable.

The appearance of digital ear hearing machine is almost the same. The performance of hearing aids is determined by the chip and software used in them. With the rapid development of digital chip technology, there are great differences among different product levels.

Generally speaking, the latest products of international famous brand products represent the highest level of digital chip technology and programming of the brand. Reliable service network is also the necessary guarantee for selecting high-quality products.

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