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How to Choose Hearing Machines for the Older People?

With people's understanding of the harm of hearing loss in the elderly becoming clearer and clearer, "how to choose hearing aids for the elderly" has become the most concerned topic for buyers.

To this end, we should pay attention to the following four points in the selection of hearing machines for the older people:

1. Before purchasing hearing machines for the older people, they should consult with professional hearing aid testing institutions and conduct professional hearing tests. After the tests, the buyers can select and match hearing aids under the guidance of professional personnel.

2. Choose more suitable hearing aids. Hearing machines vary in price from thousands to tens of thousands of yuan. For example, cassette hearing aids, low price but high noise; Deep ear canal hearing aids, high price, good aesthetics; Ear-back hearing aids are moderately priced, with high aesthetics and concealment. The average service life of hearing aids is 5 to 8 years. Choosing hearing aids for the elderly can choose the appropriate brand hearing aids according to the suggestion of the matchmaker, and the quality is more guaranteed.

3. Wearing hearing aids requires patience and adaptation. The elderly should not expect to return to normal hearing immediately after wearing hearing machines for the older people. "When wearing hearing machines for the older people in the early stage, the sound should be adjusted appropriately, and then gradually increased; It can be used indoors first and then outdoors. Elderly people need to adapt patiently when wearing hearing aids.

4. Regular debugging at the hearing aid testing center. After the old people adapt to hearing aids, they need to go to the hearing aids Testing Center for debugging, and then determine the debugging time according to the specific situation. Generally speaking, the elderly should go to the hearing aid testing center regularly every year to test their hearing and re-adjust the hearing aid. Correct use, regular cleaning and testing of hearing aids can prolong the service life of hearing aids. Warm tips from hearing natural hearing chain: For the elderly, attention should be paid to the selection of hearing aids. The better the residual hearing, the shorter the time of deafness, and the more timely the hearing aids are tested, in order to stimulate the ear nerve and restore the original hearing as far as possible. Therefore, early selection of hearing aids for the elderly is more conducive to improving their quality of life.

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