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How Are Hearing Help Devices Classified

Hearing help devices are the instrument that helps a person with hearing impairment hear outside sounds. It's actually a small semiconductor amplifier. Its function is to make relatively weak sound, transmitted to the ear after amplification. So, the part of the hearing loss can hear the voice by amplification. Hearing help devices can help many people with hearing problems hear clearly again. There are many types of Hearing help devices available today. So which type of hearing help devices is good? Now, I will introduce some hearing help devices for you.

Behind the hearing help devices

Shaped like a banana, it's small and pocket-sized and can be hung behind your ear. It is popular because of its high power, small volume, low noise, low distortion and beautiful appearance. When you use behind the hearing help devices, you should hang it behind your ears and then put in the earplug. It has volume buttons. It is more convenient for the elderly and children to wear.

In-ear hearing help devices

It's a smaller kind of hearing aid. The shell is tailored to the ear of a patient with hearing loss. It can be completely placed in the ear nail cavity and external auditory canal without any wires or hoses. Due to its small size, it is easy to lose. Due to its low power, its amplification and frequency range are limited. There is often no telephone induction coil, so some applications are limited.

Complete ear canal hearing help devices

It is an invisible hearing aid that is placed directly in the ear canal, without any wires or hoses. It's very stealthy and light. The volume of high quality magnifying device achieves almost invisible effect, and its magnifying performance is closer to the physiological characteristics of normal ear, which is the best choice for beauty lovers.

Bone-conduction hearing help devices

There are two ways of conducting sound - air and bone. Bone-conduction hearing help devices are suitable for patients unsuitable to wear pneumatic hearing aids. For example, congenital ear development is not complete (external auditory canal is closed, without auricle, etc.), suppurative otitis media, external auditory canal has purulent outflow, trauma caused by the ear canal narrow mixed deafness.

Non-wearing hearing help devices

It is divided into collective hearing AIDS and hearing trainers. It is suitable for deaf and dumb school students. But these hearing aids limit a person's freedom of movement. Nowadays, there are many large function hearing aids with FM radio emission, and users can move freely.

Pocket hearing help devices

It looks like a miniature radio. It is worn in a breast pocket, a tiny wire connects the hearing aid to a headset attached to an ear mold. This kind of hearing aid volume is large. It can be made into high power, wide - band response, multi - function adjustment equipment. It's cheap. Its switch knob is large. It is easy to use and maintain. The disadvantages are conspicuous and bulky.

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