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Hearing Aids for Older Adults after Selection of Counseling Training

The pathological and physiological characteristics of deafness in the elderly and the limitation of hearing Aids'electro-acoustic performance seriously affect the hearing aid effect, which makes it difficult for the elderly to meet the high expectations of some patients for hearing aids. As a result, some psychosocial problems arise, thus affecting the hearing rehabilitation of the elderly. Therefore, after selecting hearing aids, the selected personnel should explain the characteristics of hearing aids and the related knowledge of hearing aids in detail to the elderly patients, and give them proper counseling and training, so that the elderly are willing to accept hearing aids, and improve the effect of hearing aids and the quality of rehabilitation.

(1)Introducing the auditory characteristics of senile deafness to the elderly

Introducing the auditory characteristics of geriatric deafness is helpful for the elderly to have reasonable expectations of hearing aids and to carry out adaptive training patiently and consciously. In addition, the understanding of the elderly, educational level, older thinking, physical and mental decline are also factors affecting the effect of hearing aid.

(2)Guiding the elderly to learn to place hearing aids and adjust the various functions of the buttons on hearing aids.

Some elderly people are reluctant to wear hearing aids because of the inadequate placement of hearing aids and the harsh sound feedback noise. After selecting hearing aids, we should patiently guide the elderly to repeatedly operate the placement method until the elderly can correctly place themselves. It's easy to overcome this discomfort. Explain the function of each function button on hearing aids to the elderly in detail, and teach them how to adjust, so that hearing aids can play a better sound effect. If the volume is adjusted, it is better to sound comfortable and listen to the speaker clearly. Avoid loud sound amplification and vibration.

(3)Counseling the elderly to master the methods of adapting to hearing aids and communicating with others.

Language is the advanced nervous activity of the human brain. Its acceptance and cognition are the active processes of human beings. Through proper training for the elderly and developing their comprehensive potential, we can overcome the early auditory discomfort and inaccuracy in wearing body level hearing aid, improve social communication ability and enhance the effect of hearing aids.

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