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Hearing Aid Water Resistant VS Hearing Aid Waterproof

The words "water-resistant" and "waterproof" often appear around us and can be used interchangeably in many cases, which is actually imprecise. When a hearing aid is defined as water-resistant, it means that it can withstand rain, snow, sweat and other general humidity, it does not mean that it can be immersed in water. On the other hand, something is defined as waterproof, which means that the product can be immersed in water as a whole. As mentioned above, nano-coatings are more water-resistant than waterproof.

IP Level
Whether a product belongs to water-resistant or waterproof classification is very strict, which is judged by the international protection standard (IP) in International Standard ANSI/IEC 60529 and the entry protection standard Ingress Protection (IP). The test result is called IP grade, which is expressed by IP band with 1 or 2 numbers. For example, according to the evaluation criteria, two suffixes are needed for hearing aids to evaluate dust-proof and waterproof levels. The first number represents dust-proof level, and the second number represents waterproof level.

If only one item needs to be evaluated, write an "X" at the other number, such as the waterproof rating scale from "IPX0" (products of this grade are not allowed to touch water) to "IPX8" (products of this grade can be continuously immersed in water without being damaged). IPX7 or IPX8 can be classified as waterproof.

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