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Features Of In The Ear Aids

1. product appearance

The appearance of in the ear aids is small and secluded. Listening method is closer to the natural listening of the human ear. When used, it can be directly worn in the ear canal, making full use of the sound collection function of the outer ear. It is secluded and is not easily found. At the same time, the wearer can answer the phone like a normal person. The in the ear aids is customized according to the shape of the ear canal. It is comfortable to wear it and it can not drop. It has the function of moistureproof and sweat proof, it is helpful for the maintenance of hearing aids, and also has a significant effect on inhibiting tinnitus.

2. The output power of the product

The chip processing capacity of in the ear aids is very powerful, and the power range is also large, which meets a large part of patients' needs for appearance and sound to a great extent. In the ear aids is not of resistance and it can not be affected with damp. Meanwhile, we should pay attention to prevent cerumen from blocking the horn so as to ensure the small failure rate of the ear type hearing aid.

3. Product features

The output power of in the ear aids is not very high. It is only suitable for patients with mild, moderate and moderate to severe deafness. Behind the ears machine has high power. Most in the ear aids do not have high power. So when hearing loss is extreme deafness, behind the ears machine is preferred.

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