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Does the Analog Hearing Aid Machine Replace the Digital Hearing Aid Machine?

Nowadays most users choose digital hearing aid machine when they buy a hearing aid, but some people who used analog hearing aids in the past feel inappropriate when they change a new machine; others are simply cheated by unscrupulous businessmen to induce purchases with the price advantage of analog hearing aids; and even some businessmen use analog hearing aids as digital hearing aids. The sale of the device has led to the deception of consumers who do not know the inside story.

Although the appearance of analog and digital hearing aid machine may be difficult to distinguish, they are quite different.

I. Different amplification lines

The analog hearing aids adopt linear amplification circuit, while the digital hearing aid machine adopt non-linear amplification circuit, which can automatically determine the sound situation of the external environment, and automatically control the amplification level according to the comfort of the user's hearing, thus avoiding the phenomenon that the user of the simulator can't hear in a low voice and suffer in a loud voice.

2. Speech intelligibility in a noisy environment

Most digital hearing aid machine can automatically recognize and compress the fixed frequency noise in a noisy environment, focusing on the voice of speech frequency, thus effectively improving the user's speech intelligibility.

3. Design of Compensation Curve

Digital hearing aid machine can automatically design different compensation curves according to the different hearing loss and sound perception of users, so as to maximize the user's hearing needs.

4. Frequency Division Amplification and Multiprogram Control

Digital hearing aid machine can adopt frequency division technology. The application of multi-band processing technology ensures the accuracy and comfort of patients' hearing compensation.

Digital hearing aid machine can set different hearing programs according to different user environments. For example, a quiet environment, noisy environment, music environment, inductance environment, etc.

5. Failure Rate

The digital hearing aid machine can fully control the users' hearing compensation needs by using microchip technology, reduce and reduce the users' self-regulating fine-tuning switches to a greater extent, and effectively avoid the occurrence of hearing aids failure.

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