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Different Effects of Analog Hearing Aid and Digital Hearing Aid

Many users used analog hearing aids in the past, but after replacing digital hearing aids, they were confused: Before the analog hearing aids feel that the effect is OK, how just changed to a higher-end digital hearing aids the effect is not as good as before?

In fact, the technology of digital hearing aids is much more advanced than that of analog  hearing aids. The sound quality of digital hearing aids is much better than that of analog hearing aids, and it is more in line with the comfort of human ears. However, users have been used to the old hearing aids for a long time, and have been accustomed to the sound processing mode of the simulator, but not to the digital hearing aids.

The analog hearing aids adopt linear amplification circuit, which simply enlarges the external sound, can not compensate the hearing curve pertinently, and has no good filtering and compression function,so the noise can also be amplified endlessly. Technically, analog hearing aids are more like a loudspeaker.

Compared with analog hearing aids, digital hearing aids, which appear later than analog hearing aids, adopt more advanced non-linear amplification circuit and have better hearing compensation effect, are different from analog hearing aids in sound processing.

Users who wear analog hearing aids for a long time are accustomed to the characteristics of loud analog hearing aids. Using digital hearing aids may not feel loud enough.

In fact, the digital hearing aids are designed to gain adjustments according to the hearing curve,they can protect the residual hearing well, at the same time, they can also focus on speech signals in complex environments intelligently, and improve the user's comfort of sound through debugging. They have good effects in noise reduction and feedback prevention.

Therefore, although users are not accustomed to changing hearing aids , after a period of adaptation, they will feel the joy of using digital hearing aids.

They will find the digital hearing aids are more comfortable, it can hear more small voices, users will not feel uncomfortable in the complex loud environment, and even if the situation does not adapt, they can also go to the testing center for fine debugging.

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