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Characteristics of Ear-back Hearing Aid

I.Product Appearance

The behind the ear hearing aids has a large appearance, similar to banana shape, with different colors of the shell, which is worn behind the ear, beautiful and concealed, and is not easy to be found by others. Ear-back hearing aids use a small plastic tube to transmit the amplified sound into the eardrum mouth. There are three grades, small, medium and large, to adjust the output power, which is convenient for people with different degrees of hearing loss. At present, the appearance design of the ear-back machine is very fashionable, and it has become a new choice for most deaf patients.

II. Output Power of Products

Because of its large shape, the pocket model hearing ear machine can contain more additional functions, such as FM, Bluetooth, and other technologies, to meet the different needs of many people. At the same time, there are some better ear-back hearing aids, which can display the natural direction. At the same time, due to the appearance setting, double microphones can be set to start different directions, which can ensure speech signals in complex environments, and ensure clarity and intelligibility.

3.Characteristics of Products

There are some obvious defects in the behind the ear hearing aids. Because the ear-back hearing aids are worn behind the ear, they are easy to be eroded by sweat from the head, and then damage the components. In addition, it is difficult to adjust the knob when using ear-back hearing aids, which is not suitable for children or elderly people with uncoordinated finger movements. Under the same hearing aid effect, ear-back hearing aids are much cheaper, but due to the size limitation, the ear-back hearing aids have no Bluetooth, FM and other functions. Specific how to choose, but also according to the actual situation of users by professional listeners to decide.

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