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Characteristic Description of Various Hearing Aids

Pocket Sound Amplifier
It looks like a miniature radio. Microphones, amplifiers and batteries are placed in a box and fitted in a chest pocket. A tiny wire connects the hearing aid to the earphone attached to the ear mold. Pocket sound amplifier can be made into high-power, broadband and multifunctional adjusting equipment because of their large volume, low price, large switching knobs, easy to use and easy to maintain. Most of them are suitable for the elderly with severe deafness or above, deaf children and less flexible hand movements as the main users. The disadvantage of pocket sound amplifier is that they are noticeable and bulky, so some people don't like them.

Ear Back Hearing Aid (BTE)
Similar to banana shape, compact pocket, microphone, amplifier, battery and tone regulation, peak shaving device and receiver are all installed in a small box about 4 cm long and 1.5 cm wide, hanging behind the ear, which is more beautiful, but the power of ear-back hearing aids and other different types are currently considered ideal for deaf children and deaf person. A class of hearing aids with large dosage. Because of its high power, small size, low noise, small distortion, beautiful appearance and is welcomed. Children’ ears are small, ear-back hearing aids can not be hung, when used, they should be hung behind the ear, then put in the earplug, and then adjust the knob is more troublesome, especially for the elderly.

Inner-ear hearing aids (ITE)
It's a miniature hearing aid. The shell is customized according to the patient's ear sample. It can be completely placed in the cavity of concha and external auditory canal without any wires or hoses. It is very concealed and portable. It is the achievement of miniaturization of hearing aids in more than ten years. Because of its small size, easy to lose and small power, its amplification and frequency range are limited, among which the telephone induction coil is often not installed, so its application is limited. At present, the advent of medium-power, medium-power and medium-power hearing aids has provided convenience for deaf patients. One factor that affects the use of various types of ear hearing aids is that the microphone is closer to the receiver, which is prone to feedback.

Ear Canal Hearing Aid (ITC)
Ear canal hearing aids are smaller, customized and standard than inner-ear hearing aids.The hearing aid is placed in the external auditory canal, so it is difficult for other people to see it. It is the achievement of hearing aid miniaturization in recent years. At present, the advent of medium and high power auditory canal hearing aids provides convenience and beauty for deaf patients.

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