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Basic Information of Ear Machine for Deaf

Ear machine for deaf refer to all kinds of tools, equipment, devices and instruments that help hearing disabled people improve their hearing impairment and thus improve their communicative competence with others.

Ear machine for deaf can be classified into electric and non-electric hearing aids, the latter is now abandoned. The former has two types: electronic tube type and transistor type. Transistor deaf hearing aids are the most flexible and portable. They have been widely used in place of tube-type hearing aids since their advent in 1950. The advent of integrated circuits quickly replaced the "transistor deaf hearing aids". Integrated circuit IC came out in 1964. Its characteristics are small size, low power consumption and higher stability. In recent years, with the rapid development of science and technology, ear machine for deaf are gradually developing towards intellectualization and internalization: the emergence of electret microphone in 1982 has realized the miniaturization of deaf hearing aids, and the sensitivity and clarity have reached a new level; and in 1990, with the advent of computer programmed ear machine for deaf, the preliminary intellectualized adjustment of gain makes deaf hearing aids reach another new level. In 1997, "digital ear machine for deaf" was adjusted intelligently, which was very convenient to use, and its performance reached a higher level.

Today, most of the ear machine for deaf we use are "digital computer programming". They are adjusted according to the degree of hearing loss of each of us, which improves our hearing aids and makes us listen more!

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