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All Digital Ear Hearing Machine, the Change of Times Brings Technological Revolution

The world's first digital ear hearing machine appeared in the mid-1990s, when digital processing chips became more and more powerful and the size of hearing aids became smaller and smaller. We call this kind of hearing aid the digital ear hearing machine.

The digital ear hearing machine generally consist of only three parts: microphone, digital processing chip and receiver. Firstly, the microphone converts the sound signal into digital signal, and the digital processing chip does the processes such as analysis, filtering and amplification, which effectively reduces the noise, eliminates the scream feedback, realizes orientation positioning, and finally converts the digital signal into sound signal.

It can be said that digital ear hearing machine inherit all the advantages of programmable hearing aids, and going forward a step in the area of artificial intelligence.

An digital ear hearing machine can do tens of millions of calculations a second, which has a very high processing speed without feeling any delay. The volume is also small, for example, CIC can be completely placed in the ear. Now a lot of common digital ear hearing machine, mostly using a dedicated DSP chip, which has the speed of about 100 million times per second or so. Using this technology, with low noise and distortion of the hearing aids, is very intelligent.

In 2006, the president of the European hearing aid industry association said: "It is well known that the old hearing aids, besides their names, are no longer the same as today's complex hearing aids system."

The pursuit of life of human being will never stop. The powerful functions of the software can be seen in the re-creation of hearing aids, such as noise reduction, audiometry in situ, sound feedback reduction, automatic program switching, environment adaptation, learning and memory, and in-ear receiver, which make the hearing aids not only do the compensation of hearing loss, but also greatly improve the comfort in use.

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