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Advantages and Disadvantages of Customized Hearing Machine

When choosing hearing aids, many deaf patients first want to look good. Many patients are afraid that others know they have poor hearing and deliberately avoid it. This kind of psychology is understandable.

If only considering the appearance of good concealment, the preferred customized ear machine.

Advantages of customized in the ear hearing aids:
The appearance of hearing aids can be divided into CIC deep auditory canal hearing aids, ITC auditory canal hearing aids and ITE ear concha chamber hearing aids. The smaller the hearing aids, the better the concealment, and of course, the lower the power.
Compared with the ear-back hearing aid, the advantages of the ear-back hearing aid are as follows:

(1) The range suitable for hearing loss is wide and the output power is large.

(2) It is convenient to install double microphones and additional components such as pickup coils.

(3) It is easier to replace batteries and adjust volume than ITC and CIC.

(4) The in the ear hearing aids are customized according to the sample of each patient's ear canal. They are exclusive, customized, well concealed, difficult to detect, comfortable to wear, compact and easy to operate.

Disadvantages of customized inner ear machine:
(1) Because the ear canal of children is undeveloped and shaped, the shell needs to be replaced regularly, so it is not suitable for use.

(2) Compared with ear-back hearing aids, the microphone is closer to the receiver, which is prone to produce sound feedback.

(3) For the elderly and those with less flexible hands, it is not convenient to change batteries and adjust the volume.

(4) Although it is located in the ear, ITE and ITC are still large in shape and easy to see.

(5) The inner core is easily damaged by the cerumen entering through the sound outlet.

(6) The concha cavity ITE hearing aid is filled with the whole concha cavity, and some patients feel uncomfortable because of too much closed skin.

(7) Ear plugging effect is easy to occur in patients with hearing loss with relatively good low frequency.

(8) For patients with extreme hearing loss, the power of the second internal machine can not reach, patients with ear canal surgery, sudden deafness, recurrent otitis media, and patients with narrow ear canal are not suitable for wearing custom-made in the ear hearing aids.

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