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Advantages and Disadvantages of Cassette Hearing Aids

The main components of body hearing aids, microphones, amplifiers and batteries, are placed in a box, with a tiny wire linking the fuselage to headphones (or earphones attached to the ear mold).

Advantages of body hearing aids

1. High power. Compared with other types of hearing aids, body hearing aids are the most powerful hearing aids. Because of their large size, they are mostly suitable for patients with severe deafness and elderly people with less flexible hand movements.

2.Small feedback. The earphone of the hearing aid is far away from the microphone that receives the sound, so it is not easy to generate feedback.

3.Easy to adjust. Its switch and volume potentiometer knob are large, it is easy to use and easy to adjust.

4.Battery saving. The batteries it uses are usually No. 5 ordinary batteries, which have a long life and are cheap.

The price is low. The body hearing aid itself is low in cost, so the price is low and the maintenance cost is relatively low.

Disadvantages of body hearing aid

Rubbing with clothes produces noise. Body hearing aids are mainly placed in users' pockets or worn on clothes. When people exercise, clothes will rub against the hearing aids to produce noise, which will affect the effective hearing of deaf people.

2.Increasing unnecessary low frequency gain.

3.Not beautiful.

4.It is inconvenient to wear. Body hearing aids must be worn on clothes. Too large a volume will bring great inconvenience to users when clothes are thin in hot weather or when they take part in sports.

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